Services A-Z (21)

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Activate Data Jack

Activate an existing data jack so a device can be connected via Ethernet cable


Equipment Checkout

Request equipment for check-out.

Existing System Modification


Issue with Software

If you are experiencing any issues with an application.


Microsoft OneDrive for Business

Cloud storage for personal use with Microsoft OneDrive for Business

My.Lakeland Password Change

Password change for Non Single Sign On (SSO) users.


Network Shares

There are various network shared drives that allow users to save files within their department's shared folder/drive.

New System Installation


Personal Device Troubleshooting and Repair

Issue with your personal computer? Come into the IT Department and get a free evaluation and repair recommendation.


Replace Toner

Need toner replaced for a printer.

Report a cybersecurity or information security issue

Report an information security incident such as a phishing e-mail, malicious software found, suspected account compromise, exposure of protected information.

Request File/Folder Recovery

Request a specific file or folder be recovered.

Request MFA

Enabling MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) for Lakeland account.

Request Paper

Where to request paper if there is no extra by the printer.

Request Software to Install

If you need any software installed on your computer. Ex. Adobe Pro X, Jenzabar, Mitel, Firefox, etc.


Schedule a Technology Demonstration

Schedule a walk-through of the equipment with one of our technicians before your class or event to ensure you are comfortable with the technology.

Software Permissions

Request additional access within an enterprise application (i.e. Jenzabar, Starfish, Blackboard, etc.).

Software Training

Request assistance to learn how to use an application or to answers "how to" questions that you may have.

Submit a Request

To submit a general request.