Microsoft OneDrive for Business

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Brief Description

With your Lakeland e-mail account, you receive 1 terabyte of storage with Microsoft OneDrive for Business. Here you can save your personal files and these files can be easily accessed from anywhere as long as you have Internet access. You can also easily share files with other individuals using OneDrive for Business. 

Target Audience

Any individual that has a Lakeland e-mail account has access to Microsoft OneDrive for Business. 

Location to Acquire

OneDrive can be accessed from anywhere. The OneDrive app is already installed on all Windows 10 devices or can be installed on your mobile device/personal computer if you don't have the app already installed. OneDrive can also be accessed by going to this website:

Additional Information

If you don't already have OneDrive installed on your device and want to install it, please visit this website:

If you have any questions about using OneDrive, please refer to this KB article:



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