Request File/Folder Recovery

Brief Description

Files within network shares can be recovered from a backup as long as a nightly backup has occurred. Please let us know the file and file path of the file that needs to be recovered. OneDrive files can be recovered as long as it is within 93 days of the file being deleted. 

Target Audience

All faculty and staff can request a file or folder be restored from a backup from a network share. 

Any individual can request a file be recovered from their OneDrive. 

Location to Acquire

Please submit a service request in order to have a file recovered from a backup.

Additional Information

A deleted file or folder within OneDrive may be recovered by navigating to the Recycle Bin within OneDrive. Here are instructions from Microsoft's website on how to recover OneDrive files:



Service ID: 1182
Thu 10/21/21 1:56 PM
Thu 10/21/21 1:56 PM