Report a cybersecurity or information security issue

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The most frequent incidents reported are suspected email phishing attacks.

  • If you receive a suspicious email message that asks for personal information, request this service to get assistance or contact help desk
  • If you believe your account has already been compromised as a result of a phishing attack, immediately change your password and request this service to get assistance or contact help desk
    • Indications of an account that is already compromised can include emails being sent from your email account that you did not send. Suspicious activity is an indicator that someone has unauthorized access to your account user name and password.

Other examples of information security incidents you should report:

  • Suspected unauthorized use of a computer system.
  • Unauthorized use of another user’s credentials or impersonating another University user.
  • Malicious threats, include computer viruses, trojans, worm and spyware.
  • Social engineering, phishing scams, compromised accounts
  • Loss or theft of computer equipment or other data storage devices and media (e.g., laptop, USB drive) used to store private or potentially sensitive information
  • Unauthorized access to sensitive information, such as Social Security numbers or restricted research data, whether intentional or accidental.

Target Audience

This is for all current staff, faculty, and students.

Additional Information

Learn more form the National Cybersecurity alliance about online safety basics and more.

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