Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Setup without SmartPhone

1. Navigate to the webpage of and sign-in with your Lakeland credentials. 

2. When logging in, it will state that more information is required. Select Next.

**** If it doesn't say more information is required, please note that you may have to sign-in using an incognito tab or in private browsing window in order to complete the setup on your mobile device. 

3. Leave Authentication Phone as the selected method and enter in your phone number without any spaces and dashes with the correct country code. You can select either method for approving authentication requests. If you have texting available, you can select send me a code by text message or if you are only able to take phone calls, you can select call me. When finished select Next

4. You will then receive a call or text with the verification code. Please enter in the verification code that you received via text or phone call. Then select Verify. Select Done when completed. Once you have verified the code, it should bring you to your e-mail account online. 



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