Setting up Contact Information

  1. After Signing into your account, you should get a popup asking for More Information Required
  2. Click Next
  3. Setup Authentication Phone
    • Select your country (United States at the top) then enter in your phone number
    • Select method to verify (text or call)
  4. Enter in code, click Verify
  5. Once Verification successful, Click Done
  6. Another popup will ask you to verify once again like before
  7. Enter in code, click Verify
  8. More Information Require will pop back up, Click Next
  9. You will get another pop up saying “Don’t lose access to your account”
    • This is where you can setup an alternate email to verify as well
      • You only have 15 minutes on this page as indicated in the bottom right of the page
      • If you have a Verify option you will just need to verify, and you can click finish
  10. Click Finish
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