How to add an alternate/ recovery email to your LU account?

  • Go to Microsoft Account
  • Login using your Lakeland email address
    • It will redirect you to the Lakeland University SSO page with a musky on it
  • Enter your password and it will redirect you to a new page
    • Will trigger MFA if active on account
  • From this screen, press on ‘Update Info’ under the Security info tab
  • There will be a new page that appears
  • At this new page, select ‘Add method’ and under the drop down, select Email
  • Once you have email selected, click add and it will prompt you to add an email
  • Enter the backup email and select next, a code will be sent to that email
  • Once you receive that code, enter it into the box and select 'Next'
  • Your Lakeland University email now has a backup email
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