Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - FAQ

Q: What is multi-factor authentication? 

A: Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a method whereby a use must present two or more pieces of evidence to successfully log in.  The most common and secure MFA solution involves having two different kinds of factors, such as:

  • Something you know – such as a password or memorized PIN
  • Something you have – such as a smartphone or fob (a security hardware device with a built-in authentication)
  • Something you are – such as a fingerprint or facial recognition

MFA is an easy and secure way to protect you and Lakeland from phishing emails that attempt to steal your and your employer’s private and protected information.


Q: Why is MFA important? 

A: As an institution of higher education, Lakeland has a duty to comply with data privacy laws, specifically under the Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA), the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), as well as federal, state, and international cybersecurity laws.  In order to award Title IX funding, it is important for Lakeland to comply with these laws and regulations.  Implementing an MFA solution will help Lakeland mitigate security threats and safeguard our data, students and employees. You can find out more about cybersecurity laws here.


Q: What does MFA mean for Lakeland, and what will I need?

A: There will be a two-step approach for accessing your Microsoft 365 web application, which includes email, Teams, One Drive.

  1. First, you will access your Lakeland account as you normally would with your log in credentials and password; and
  2. You will be asked to confirm your log in in another way.  Examples of this might be:
    1. A prompt to the Microsoft Authenticator app on your cell phone.
    2. A text message to your cell phone with a prompt.
    3. A call to a direct line, such as your cell phone, with a prompt.  Since Lakeland’s Mitel phone system has extensions, it is not possible to use your work phone, unfortunately.
    4. A fob, although the availability of such devices may be limited.

At this time, you will not be prompted to log in to Blackboard, ALEKS, Starfish, Handshake, or my.lakeland.  As an employee, if you are using Microsoft applications at your desk workstation, you will not receive a prompt.

You will not be prompted every single time you log in to the Microsoft 365 web application.


Q: Do I need a smart phone to use MFA?  What happens if I don’t have a smart phone or don’t want to use my personal phone?

A: While many existing MFA solutions favor the use of a personal smart phone (via an application or SMS), it is possible to use something else.  We recommend downloading and using the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smart phone will be the most secure.  Using your personal cell phone is the easiest and most secure way to apply MFA.

Lakeland will have a limited number of fobs available to use as an alternative solution.  However, at this time, the fobs are expensive and challenging to procure.

If you have an individual question or concern, contact IT Serivices at


Q: If I don’t have my smart phone with me, will I not be able to access my Lakeland account?

A: If you attempt to log in to you Microsoft 365 account and you don’t have your cell phone with you, you will need to contact the IT help desk.  You can use your personal email to contact


Q: Who do I contact with questions?

A: Contact Lakeland’s help desk at or 920-565-1143.


Q: How can I find additional information on our MFA solution?

A: You can find out more about this solution from Microsoft here.


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