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Option A:

Connecting to Lakeland's VPN at the login screen is required if you have never logged into the computer before. Here is how to connect to the VPN at the login screen. 

1. Once the computer arrives at the login screen, please click on "Sign-in options".

2. Click on the FortiClient Logo. 

3. The new VPN tunnel, Lakeland VPN55, should now be available. You will enter in your Lakeland credentials at the login screen and the computer will automatically connect to Lakeland's VPN then when you are logging in. 


Option B:

Lakeland's VPN can also be accessed after logging into the computer as long as you have previously logged in to the computer. 

1. Once you have logged into your computer, the FortiClient automatically loads in the task bar in the lower right-hand corner. Click on the up arrow and then right-click on the FortiClient application. Click on "Connect to Lakeland VPN55". 

2. The FortiClient application will appear on your screen. Please enter in your Lakeland credentials then click Connect. You are now connected to Lakeland's VPN. 

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