Collaborate: Participation Requirements

If you plan to use live web-conferencing from your computer, simply click on the Join Course Room link located in the Collaborate Room content area in your course. To view recorded class sessions, change to the Recordings tab by selecting the hamburger menu above the Course Room and choosing Recordings.  If you don't immediately see the recording listed, you may need to search for a "Recordings in a Range". 

This class uses the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Experience.  Please review the following points for any questions you may have on the requirements of using Collaborate Ultra for Online Live.  For a link to the Collaborate Ultra Help for Participants, click here.  

  • Live web-conferencing from your own computer:  A high-speed Internet connection, USB headset and webcam are highly recommended. 
    • Google Chrome is strongly recommended as your primary browser when using Collaborate. 
    • Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox are also compatible with Collaborate, but users may have a slightly different Collaborate experience. 
  • Live web-conferencing using your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad:  No additional hardware is required.  You will just need to download the free Blackboard application from the App Store. 
  • Live web-conferencing using your Android device:  No additional hardware is required.  Download the free Blackboard application from Google's Play Store.
  • Watching recorded class lectures:  All you will need is a high-speed Internet connection and speakers on your computer.  Google Chrome is strongly recommended.  

Participation requirements may vary for your class, so be sure to check your course syllabus or confirm with your instructor to ensure you are meeting their requirements.  


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