Lakeland University SecureMail

Lakeland SecureMail by FortiMail   

SecureMail is additional level of e-mail filtering that reduces spam and other malicious e-mails, by identifying, blocking, and/ or quarantining suspicious messages.  Users can manage quarantined messages via a daily email from SecureMail or by logging into a new SecureMail web portal. 

SecureMail - Quarantine Summary E-mail

SecureMail will send a summary of email messages that have been quarantined. E-mails can be released to your inbox or deleted by using one of the ICONS in the actions column.  You may also delete all quarantined messages using the ICON from the actions list towards the bottom of the summary.  If you want to see e-mails from previous reports, you can view a list of all quarantined email by clicking on the “click here” at the bottom of the summary or by going directly to the SecureMail portal at



After clicking an Email action, you will be presented with an Email to send to SecureMail to complete the action.  The following is an example of the delete request Email after clicking on the delete icon.

SecureMail Portal

Quarantined email can also be managed using the SecureMail portal at You can access the portal using your Lakeland credentials by using the Single Sign On option.  If you have already logged into a Lalkeland SSO application, you will be automatically logged into your SecureMail mailbox.



To manage quarantined e-mails, use the Unreleased quick filter.  Select one or more e-mails from the list.  You can then release the e-mail to your outlook inbox or delete it/them from your SecureMail quarantine.




By clicking on, you also have options to add the sender to a Safe list to stop e-mails from the sender being quarantined or add to a block list to stop seeing all future e-mails from that sender. 



To see the e-mail itself, double click on the entry.  From there, you have the same options to manage the quarantined e-mail.


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