How to Change Signature in Outlook (Web and Desktop App)

Desktop Application Outlook

  1. Open the Outlook Desktop Application
  2. Wait for it to open, and once it is open, select 'New Email'
  3. On the top, select 'Signature' and under that drop down, select 'Signatures...'
  4. This will bring up the signatures setup screen
  5. From here, you can create a new signature by pressing 'New', entering a name for it, and the putting whatever information you need into the box under 'Edit Signature'
  6. Once you are done, change the 'Choose default signature' to the newly created signature and then press 'Ok' on the bottom right corner


Website Outlook

  1. Please log into Lakeland University Outlook
  2. On this screen, navigate to the gear icon, located on in the upper right hand corner, next to your initials
  3. Once pressed, this will bring up a search, where you will type in 'signature', and it will bring up an option for 'Email signature', select that
  4. You will be able to create, edit, rename, delete, or format any new or existing email signatures
  5. Once you are done, change the 'Select default signatures' to the newly created signature and select the "x" in the top right corner of this pop up and now your email has a signature

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