Make Me Admin Application Use

1. The Make Me Admin software can be found on your computer within your start menu either by selecting the start menu and finding the application or searching for the application. Click on the application to open it. 

2.  Select "Grant Me Administrator Rights" in order to be granted temporary administrative rights on your computer for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the administrative permission is automatically removed. If you log out and still have administrative rights, it will automatically remove your account from the local admin group. If necessary, you can re-open the application after the time is up and grant yourself administrator rights again. 

3. When installing a program or running a program as administrator (can be accomplished by right-click the program and Run as administrator or right-click the program in the start menu and select More -> Run as administrator), you may still be prompted by User Account Control (see picture below). Please enter in your Lakeland credentials that you used to login to the computer with and then select yes. 

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